Summer Wedding Essentials

Rows of tables and chairs under a summer wedding tent

Summertime in Michigan is worth those long and gray winter months, right? The beaches, the lakes, the boats, the dunes: we have it all here! And summer is also wedding season. Picture a stunning day with clear blue skies. Guests stroll through gardens surrounded by gorgeous white roses, raising their champagne glasses and raving about […]

How to Save for Your Daughter’s Wedding

A white themed wedding and wedding table

The times, they are a-changin’, and couples nowadays love breaking wedding traditions left and right! But guess what? One tradition that’s still going strong is parents paying for the wedding. Ain’t we lucky? Yep, we are still chipping in quite a bit, even though many couples try to contribute, too. According to the Brides American […]

Adding Pride to Your Special Day

Adding Pride to Your Special Day

June is Pride Month, thirty incredible days to honor the brave who fearlessly stood up during the Stonewall Riots in New York City, 1969. No matter where you find yourself, you can totally join the party and have an absolute blast, showing your incredible support! And if you are planning a wedding, you can show […]

Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party—The Essentials and Then Some

A group of buddies cheers a cocktail while wearing some nice suits

You’ve been tasked with planning a bachelor party, but are you sure of what to do or bring? It’s not just about the essentials. Logistics like travel arrangements and planned events are important, but let’s get one thing straight: you don’t need a ton of stuff or to remake The Hangover to have a good […]

Mother of the Bride Gift Guide

A mother and daughter embrace on the daughter's wedding day

The Mother of the Bride Deserves Some Props! Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation for Her Hard Work and Planning As a lot of us know, planning a wedding can be super complicated! The breaking news of the engagement is exciting, and everyone has great ideas, but when all the dust settles and it comes to […]

Celebrity Proposals We Love

The world of proposals is nothing if not original and we are here for the celebs on this front. Whether you’re prepping to get down on one knee or reminiscing on the good ole days of your very own romantic moment to remember, this one’s for you. Take notes people because we are the one-stop […]

West Michigan Bachelorette Party Ideas

a group of girls holding balloon letters that spell "bride"

Ladies, let’s face it—one of the best parts of getting married is partying down with your best friends and family at the bachelorette party. Let loose, blow off some of that wedding planning steam, and settle into your wild side before saying “I do.” From brunch and painting to trolleys and clubs, we’re breaking down […]

Trendy Alternatives to Wedding Cakes

A married couple in front of a sweets food truck outside in a field

Cakes are sooo…2022 We’re leaving wedding cakes in 2022. Why? Because we can’t get over all these alternatives to the classic – and perhaps a bit dated – wedding cake. Here’s some motherly advice for you: Just cause everyone is doing it, doesn’t mean you need to. Of all the concoctions, elixirs, and substances in […]

Best Celebrity Winter Weddings

Nick Jonas and his wife getting married and them holding each other

What did they wear? How much was the food? Are they still together? Despite net worth, looks, social standing, or politics, a grand wedding is a grand wedding and we are sharing our favorite celebrity winter weddings in no particular order. here are the best of the best…according to us.