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Any Season is Wedding Season

Is your ‘baby’ graduating high school or college this year? Commencement season is right around the corner and now is a great time to plan the details for this milestone celebration. Never planned a large party at home?

 Alpine Events is here to help with with some planning advice from one of our Sr. Sales Associates, Amanda Wood!

The wedding planning process does not have to be a drag! Making sure that your theme is perfect for you and your partner is key. We know what you’re thinking, how am I supposed to create an original theme? Hasn’t every theme already been done before? And our answer to you is; maybe. However! We have a couple of seasonally inspired themes up our sleeves that we would gladly love to lend to you and your partner for the big day!

Dream with us, won’t you?


Spring fairytale

This is more than your run of the mill Tinker Bell-esque extravaganza. This is the time to pull out all of the pretty florals and pastel linens of your dreams, and maybe a little inspo from Tink. Spring calls for a whimsical approach to your special day and you’ll surely find it within a fairytale inspired day! Not feeling the Disney approach? With the new season of Bridgerton coming out soon, take inspo from our friends over at The Knot for a more debonair take on your fairytale day.

Summer grandiose garden

Whether you’re planning your wedding here in Michigan or somewhere far away, a little heat could affect your day for better or for worse (see what we did there?). Add a little spice to your summer wedding by incorporating a desert-like aesthetic. Succulents, cacti, tents, and of course all of the perfect colored place settings you can think of!

fall into the 20s

Ah, the fall. Most everyone’s favorite time of the year and the perfect excuse to get dressed up while remaining comfy and layered of course. A 20s theme is never a miss. With the bedazzled dresses, tuxedos, and gold excellence you can’t lose with this show stopping ambiance.

winter bash

Not everyone JUMPS at the idea of having their wedding in the winter but listen up! Hear us out…winter bash. Snow, spiked snow cone bar for the guests, and pine to the nines. A winter bash could be a great time to cozy up and break out your favorite winter activities.

Whether you’re following a weather related theme or just hanging out in your backyard with your loved ones, because let’s face it we still are in a worldwide pandemic. We have got your covered. Check out how we can assist with your special day with our 10% down deal, and contact us directly if we can help execute any of these seasonal themes for you on your special day!


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