Fall Color Palettes

It is pumpkin spices’ world and we’re all just living in it. As we officially entered Fall, a.k.a. hit up the Target Halloween section and splurge on one too many Bath and Body Works candles, we’re here to provide you with some Fall-tent (fall content…ok we’ll stop). We know you’re looking inspo, you know you’re […]

Don’t Sleep on these West Michigan Food Trucks

Your guests, more than anything else, are looking forward to the food. Yes, your marriage is something to be celebrated. Yes, you look great in your dress/tux. Yes, your estranged cousin will get cut off before the dancing even starts. But no celebration is a happy one when your guests are hungry. For them, they […]

10 Must Have Wedding Photos

Listen, we get it. You have a friend in us. Your day is YOUR DAY and you want to do things YOUR WAY. From the aesthetic to the guests, you want the pictures captured to be exactly how they should be—perfect. There’s no shame in over-analyzing the game. 

Wedding Music 101: Bangers and Flops

It’s 2022, and there is no time for dancing to terrible music. In order to adequately assure that you and your partner are hitting the floor with finesse, we’ve got a few bangers that will be sure to get your people moving. 

5 Michigan Lakeshore Wedding Venues

We can all agree the Great Lakes region is home to some of the most beautiful vista views in the country. From Sleeping Bear Dunes (which was voted “America’s Most Beautiful Place” by ABC) down to South Haven, there is an abundance of venue options for those looking to tie the knot on the beach. […]

Social Media Etiquette for Weddings

Picture this: You’re sitting all dolled up in your Sunday best. The beautiful betrothed to-be is making their way down the aisle, arm in arm with their chaperone. The crowd stands, and everyone is speechless. The two partners lock eyes with one another in excitement and giddiness over every day they have spent together that […]

Our Top 10 Grand Rapids Wedding Venues

When it comes to finding the perfect place to tie the knot, there is no shortage of options in Grand Rapids, MI. From quaint and cozy art galleries to city views high above the treetops, there are venues to fit every theme and budget. 

The Fancy Dinner Party Survival Guide

The time has finally come–you’ve been invited to your first fancy dinner party. Attending a party in which there will be fancy wine and cheese, expensive dinner chats, and decorations lining the walls like you couldn’t believe may not be your ideal evening. While dressing to the nines and putting on a show for the […]

From I Will” to “I Do””

There is a lot that goes into the wedding planning process from the time that you say “yes” to the time that you say “I do”. Between the wedding planning chaos and thrilling adventures that come with organizing your big day, there are steps you can take to help guide you through it all. Here’s […]

The Rise of the Weekday Wedding

People are getting married in the middle of the week, did you hear? We’ve got people ditching their 9-5’s for their special day, but why? The weekday wedding has emerged and it could be here to stay. This post-covid wedding trend is sweeping the nation, and we’re here to convince you to hop on the […]